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Elliot. I enjoy the smallest things in life and try to stay positive, even when life is shitty.

This blog contains gays/lesbians/marijuana/personal photography/me/and a bunch of random crap

I openly smoke marijuana. I'm not going to hide it from any bosses. If you somehow find this blog, I apologize, but I smoke to eat.

Enjoy my blog.

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can i just live there omg

can i just live there omg

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I love them both. FFFFF can’t wait for the next season of Wilfred.

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I like girls.

I like girls.

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How Can It Be Wrong...

  • To love another woman? To look her her eyes and see nothing but your future? To make love to her in the most intimate way? HOW CAN IT BE WRONG?
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Lord Voldemort: “Why do you live?”
Harry Potter: “Because I have something worth living for.”

Lord Voldemort: “Why do you live?

Harry Potter: “Because I have something worth living for.

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